12.03.2012, 02:23
D Long,I agree with a lot of what your saying. But I wont give up hope. What I tried to do with Outsaurus was tacree a forum to expose exactly what you were talking about. Do you, myself or even a few million other people have the ability to put a stop to what these politicians are doing? Probably not. Very few really care about the real victims of this corporate-made (with the help of certain politicians) recession. But if I'm going to strike out, I want to strike out swinging. And right now the best I can do is try to at least expose these bastards that have done this to us.Let's try them in the court of public opinion. Let's make public what these companies are doing. While I can't stop them I can choose not to ever support them again and maybe get a few other people to do the same. It's not a great victory but it sure makes me feel a tiny bit better.