17.10.2012, 10:45
Walk Talk EventWalk Cedar Main Street with MLA Doug Routley, organized by Lourie Gourlay. Nov. 13th, noon~1pm,CEDAR MLA Doug Routley is entdneixg an open invitation throughout Cedar, particularly to Cedar Main Street residents and businesses, to join him on a walk through Cedar Village.As the representative for Nanaimo-North Cowichan Doug would like to hear from residents and business owners about how they wish Cedar Village to develop . The MLA wants to know what will help make the village family friendly, how to address traffic and safety issues, and ideas aboutwhat would make a Healthy Community take shape for everyone's benefit .Residents and visitors alike are invited to meet with Doug and Laurie, at the Wheatsheaf Baseball Diamond (corner of Cedar Hemer Road) at noon on Sunday, for a walknorth along Cedar Road that will end at the Duke Pt Connector (Cranberry Arms), around 1pm.Anyone wishing information on the Cedar Village walk and talk', please contact:Offices of Doug Routley, MLANanaimo-North CowichanPhone: (250) 245-9375 or Phone: (250) 716-5221Or, Contact:Laurie Gourlay(250 722-3444)